Friday, December 12, 2014


Global Wealth Trade Calming Opportunity 

Many people world wide are looking to Global Wealth Trades' unique opportunity to bring calmness to their financial life.

With only 13 days before Christmas Day, some people are a nervous wreck, worrying about a gift for that special person.

But some just don't give a hoot, while others are cool and collected.

Having that taken care of, with things like the FERI -Riviera- Mens Watch above.  

How? Well, lets take a look at those who are members of the Global Wealth Trade business opportunity.

Many had already set up their layaway account and have set money aside to purchase beautiful FERI designers luxury jewelry and products for their love ones.

They are elated, that they can now get Global Wealth Trade awesome luxury jewelry and accessories at special member pricing and saving lots of money.

But not only do they save money, they are involved in the awesome opportunity that allows them to be able to share the products and earn revenue, profits and an income.

FERI 950 SILEDIUM- Love Story – Ring

What if this coming Christmas, instead of the game apps, you give your teenager or loved one, something so radically new, that at first he or she
would be stunned?

You got him or her a luxury designers, virtual designers mall for only $169.  

You gave your love one a complete business building system with over $15 million worth of inventory consisting of ultra luxury and luxury jewelry and accessories and fashion jewelry.

You Gave Virtual Designers Mall With All The Gifts That Fits Christmas & Other Holidays ..

They now have the ability to possibly generate an income and make their own money to purchase all the game apps they want.

This would truly be something that fits the classic fairy tale of “The Goose That Lays The Golden Egg.”

Something that Holly Wood’s celebrities and the media, cherishs.

So, let’s think about this Christmas gift to your loved one, and I might say a very unusual one. His or her own virtual designers shopping mall, VDM, loaded with products that sells from $20.00 to over $184,000.00and pays out 65% commission on sales.

Global Wealth Trade awesome opportunity

POSH -Hasin- Necklace

A virtual designers shopping mall that all they need to do is send traffic to it and make local sales to sales  from around the world.

The VDM comes with all the training necessary to be successful. With practically, every aspect of the business being taken care of.

The Mall is hosted and replenished with new inventory and new products by the parent company. Orders are taken, products shipped, insurance and handling all taken care of by Global Wealth Trade (GWT) the parent company.

Here is your opportunity to lead the field and be the first one with these fabulous Global Wealth Trade products among your friends.

Here is an opportunity to have new beautiful holiday gifts and special occasion available to your love ones for the rest of his or her life.

The beauty about this is that now you can find gifts for every-one you care about, in the VDM, at special pricing and you would never be out of gift ideas.

You could even have a special lay-away type program to acquire your gifts, not just for Christmas, but for every other occasion that warrants gifts.

Global Wealth Trade awesome opportunity 

I invite you now to take a look at some of the products nested inside this awesome GWT Virtual Designer Mall.

Look around in the galleries, I assure you, you will find something there that you will be happy to give to your love one.

But don’t hesitate much longer do this now, with only 13 days to Christmas, before you know it, that special day will be right here upon you.

And you may have missed out on giving the Global Wealth Trade unique opportunity to a love one as a gift.  

Thursday, November 20, 2014

MLM Success in Africa

Why is Global Wealth Trade a Huge Success in Africa?

Global Wealth Trade a Huge Success in Nigeria

 Why is Global Wealth Trade a huge success in Nigeria?

MLM in Africa seems to be taking a new turn.  Many network marketing or MLM companies have had a hard time getting a strong hold in most African countries.

However, one new Canadian upstart, Global Wealth Trade seems to be on the verge of changing that.  Not too long ago 1,200 people attended a Global Wealth Trade summit  in Abuja, Nigeria. 

For Global Wealth Trade a direct sales/network marketing company, now in Nigeria, that was a monumental success.  It was  unprecedented, because that was the company first ever summit there.

What's the change? Well it seems that Global Wealth Trade's visual, elegance, luxury designer  goods and its easy to understand yet powerful compensation plan may have created the catalyst for such success.  

Nigerians as a whole are gravitating to the visually appealing opulence and the one of a kind Global Wealth Trade, compensation plan.

Mr. Ted Nuyten, publisher of the online newsletter Business For Home recently had a fireside chat with Mr. Ramin Mesgarlou, CEO and Founder of Global Wealth Trade whose company and products are creating waves in Africa. 

Global Wealth Trade is such a huge success in Africa, where the company is currently in 15 countries that it caught the attention of Mr. Nuyten.    

The following is an excerpt from that Fireside chat.   Led by Nigeria, which is not a traditional MLM market, Global Wealth Trade is being embraced by the African continent.   

At the beginning of this infamous chat, Ramin, thanked Mr. Ted Nuyten for his contribution to this great industry by: 

*** Recognizing the great companies that are changing people’s lives and enhancing economies.

*** Exposing the many imposters who enter the greatest industry in the history of the world and hurt our work force for personal gain.     

Why Global Wealth Trade is a Huge success in Nigeria

This is what Ramin, had to say to Ted's inquiry about what happened in Nigeria. 

Ramin; “Well Ted, I think the normal GWT attributes such as Visual high glamour designer goods and the industry’s most rewarding distributor compensation comp plan, that has led our operation to 86 countries plays a strong role here however, the secret I believe  is GWT’s exclusive FREE FLLOWING and VARIABLE compensation plan.”

Ramin, gave Ted, a cool and simplified explanation about “Profits and bottom line.  He being a comp plan creator has made comp plans for 5 up start companies.  Their CEO's approached him wanting him to create compensation plans for their start up companies. 

Which was cool, soon refused his ideas of how comp plans should be structured.  Their excuse was, "its TOO COSTLY to the corporation," so he was often asked to create a plan that creates what is called breakage” by loading the plan with RANKS.  

“Breakage” is simply commissions and bonuses that will not flow to the distributors because they did not meet the monthly qualifications or re-qualifications and those funds stay with the company.”   

Ramin, went on to tell Ted, what he did to make an impact or changes to the industry.

He launch his own company Global Wealth Trade Corp, in 2005, since it was his he created a compensation plan with DISRIBUTOR MENTALITY and not a corporate mentality.  

If you've ever heard of "the butterfly effect," what he sowed back then is what  is been reaped today as to why GWT is embraced by the newly emerging markets where before, no other company had. 

Ramin, contributes it to the fact "the new markets will not be able to sustain an advance RANK FILLED plans which results in members quitting shortly after launch and the momentum is short lived. 

However Global Wealth Trade exclusive and revolutionary FREE FLOWING & VARIABLE compensation plan is free of the standard quo comp plan limitations, of restrictions & qualifications,  the average person finally has a serious shot of earning long lasting income or even create wealth.

Apparently the people in these new emerging countries sees right through these attributes and that is why Global Wealth Trade as an opportunity is a huge MLM success in Africa.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Gglobal Wealth Trade-FERI-Jewelry

Get Your Share of The Huge Jewelry Revenue With GWT- FERI 

Get Your FERI Designer's Jewelry

Daya Vaidya Wearing POSH Hava Necklace
Get Your Share of The Huge Jewelry
Revenue Source

FERI designer jewelry are for that discriminating
inner spirit within you.  

They have a personality all of their own... and are

creating a huge business and income for those who
truly embraces their uniqueness.

I invite you to top into this Huge Revenue Explosion
that's circumventing the globe... 

I invite you to own your own Global Wealth Trade,
(GWT), Virtual Designer's Mall, (VDM).  
I invite you to use  GWT's VDM's to tap into and
get your share of the Huge Jewelry and Luxury
Designer's Industry market.

Ali Fedotowsky Wearing FERI-Shiraz-Rose Shield
Come discover Global Wealth Trade...
Come discover FERI....
Come discover FERI MOSH...

If you are like Most People you buy designer jewelry and
accessories because you like them period...

not because you would get paid to showcase them...

because usually you don't. 

But wouldn't be nice to get paid for wearing FERI
designer jewelry?

Hello!  That's what FERI jewelry and accessories can
do for you... 

Own a few FERI pieces and get paid.  

In a moment I am going to send you to my GWT VDM,
Virtual Designer's Mall, where you will be able to
preview and get yourself some stunning jewelry pieces and

But before I send you there, let me show you how to
enter and... 
navigate my GWT Virtual Designers Mall (VDM)...

because I know you are ready to see what else FERI has,

that's a beauty. Watch this short video, I made for you....

Now let's continue...  to my virtual designers mall.

Check this Out. When you are finished

navigating come back here.  I 'll have

something for at the bottom of this.

Once you enter my VDM you are going to love what
you see...
If you are like most people you are going to want
one or two pieces of jewelry or a purse or a handbag.

Earlier, I told you I was inviting you to use  GWT's
VDM's to tap into and get your share of the Huge
Jewelry and Luxury Designer's Industry market. 

It is a lucrative and exciting business, you should
want to own. Let me ask you, "has anyone ever
taken the time to help you fully understand all the
benefits of owning your own GWT home based

I will share a few of these awesome benefits with
you a little further down. So prepare your mind to
be receptive to some benefits you probably didn't
know are available to you, with ease.

Janina Gavankar Wearing FERI Celestial Desire

So why jewelry? Simple, jewelry has captured
the interest and facinated about 85% of the
world's population.  

Making it the most popular gift of choice...
for any holiday... so I have one more question
for your.

Would it be nice if you got paid every time
someone visited your GWT's VDM and
purchased something from it?

Even if that person was halfway around the
globe and bought a FERI designer jewelry
and accessories, from your  GWT 
virtual designer mall site, you would get paid. 

Now, if you have done the tour, let's find out
how you get paid and some of the benefits
of owning your own GWT, VDM.

Monday, June 9, 2014

global wealth trade products

The Products of Global Wealth Trade

I am going to introduce you to Global Wealth Trade products, through my VDM. However, I need you to...

  Watch This Video to Learn How to Navigate my VDM

The FERI Products of Global Wealth Trade 

If you have been looking for some new jewelry designs that are -well-above the rest, look no further than FERI luxury jewelry and accessories.  Watch the video above, then click this link.

They are available from new Canadian Upstart, Global Wealth Trade.

By adopting a millionaire frame of mind Global Wealth Trade (GWT) the Canadian direct marketing designer, fashion house has actually raised the bar and has taken the designer luxury precious jewelry market to the next level.

GWT, developed and now provides, a high-karat 19k & 21k gold composition not readily available anywhere else in the world and hence Global Wealth Trade products, raised the benchmark in gold composition.

FERI MOSH Greatest Love - Ring

You usually would not find diamonds in anything above 18-karats since prior to GWT's new composition, that would be considered too soft to effectively protect a diamond.

Ramin, as Mr. Mesgarlou fondly wants to be called, who is GWT's Chief Executive Officer and founder, discovered a way in 2007, through research and development, to make a 21-karat gold composition, that is stronger than 18 and 14K gold composition.

Yes, the amazing thing about this 21 karat gold composition is that even in its higher purity, it is stronger than 18 karat gold. 

As the word is being spread out with an army of luxury consultants who welcomes the millionaire frame of mind, Global Wealth Trade products are producing shock-waves in the market, with their products and business model.

It has risen quickly, and is now the fastest-growing luxury designer with a staggering typical yearly increase of about 297 per cent per year since 2005.

Ethos is a concept and philosophy of creating what has never been

Today, Global Wealth Trade line of products are carried in over 83 countries.  And have grown to now include their POSH line of costume jewelry.  

More-over, lots of people in African countries, Malaysia and China are also joining in and investing, in creating a legacy of their own.

These members are launching their own GWT, click this link to enter a VDM Virtual Designer Mall..  

Ramin, would like to grow his company into more than 100 nations around the world, driven by motivated and passionate luxury consultants all accepting the millionaire mindset.

To do this quickly and successfully, he utilizes the industry that made him a millionaire that is the direct sales/network advertising market.

Now Ramin, is a unique guy and is really creating a name with his brand name. He has steady interest and devotion to his goal of being the No. 1 brand in the world. 

And this my friend keeps him, his personnel, and his devoted group of luxury consultants, gets paid to wear and who are very concentrated with a millionaire's frame of mind.

POSH Mesi - Necklace

Ramin, has the one-of-a-kind capability of getting his personnel and those who chooses to end up being luxury consultants to buy into his dream and vision and make them a part of their dream.

This capability of getting the personnel and consultants to buy into the vision of the CEO and to build his dream is an excellent indication as to the sort of CEO that Ramin is.

An integral part of Ramin's dream is to have beyond 100,000 luxury consultants all carrying the millionaire frame of mind...

FERI - Cavalia Booties

to include significant galleries worldwide, in Paris, Rome, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Toronto; among numerous other fashion and luxury centers...

and to grow the company into a $1 billion corporation by 2015, the company's 10-year anniversary.  Follow through on more info here on the products of Global Wealth Trade.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

FERI Designer Bags

Get Your FERI Designer's Bag

FERI designer bags are for the inner spirit within you.  

Most People who owns a FERI luxury designer bag or purse are thrilled at the new level of excitement they bring, to owning a purse.

FERI purses are bought for their beauty and practicality and most owners, end up just loving them... just like Christina above with her beautiful FERI purse.

Normally, you don't buy a purses because you would get paid to showcase them...because usually you don't. 

But wouldn't it be nice to get paid for having a FERI designer bag? 

Well, that's what a FERI bag or purse can do for you... 

Own a FERI leather purse or a FERI f  aux leather bag and you just may get paid.

And they are in my virtual designer mall (VDM).

And because I know you are ready to see what else FERI has, that's a beauty. 

Let's continue...  to my virtual designers mall.

Check this Designer Bag Scenario by FERI Out

You get compliments about your bag or purse... 

You smile and just say, isn't it nice. Not really a question but a statement.

The other person agrees and tell you some more that  he/she really
like your bag...

You answer by saying, it's adorable isn't it...   

The other person says yes, but now ask where did you get your bag from?  This time you respond with, oh! Yes! I bought it from my self...

The other person looks back at you a little puzzled but bought it from yourself?  YES!

You look back understandably with a twinkle in your eyes and the process starts.....

What just happened?...It is an occurrence that is happening all over the world, now-a-days, leading to GWT's luxury consultants, getting paid.
These are people who decided to take charge of their lives, their finances their happiness. 

Where they used to just say thank you for a compliment and in some cases send business off to someone else...

they are now getting paid for the same level of social interaction. 

And that my friend... is the new revolution... Get Paid to Wear.

Our members are taking their purses and bags to certain areas, certain functions, to places where certain people hang out.

And in many instances are getting paid Big Time.
Now you must know that not all results and level of success is the same. 

Some skills and level of skills play a huge role in their level of success. 
But it is a learned skill and guess what?  

Some people have it naturally and don't know it.

Now would it be nice if you got paid each time you send a friend or stranger to the site where you bought your designer bag?

Would it be nice if you even got paid every time someone whom you don't know, half way around the globe bought a FERI designer bag, purse, etc from your GWT virtual designer mall?

I thought you may like to know that there are thousand of people...FERI lovers of bags and yourself getting paid...

What if you got paid and extra $300 some months just because you took a bag or purse to work?

To church, out to a nice restaurant...
or inside your bank?

What about to your dentist office?
Your doctor's office?
To pay your bills... you getting the picture?

What if you only paid 1/2 the actual price of the meal at a fine restaurant? This is real and legal...

What if you got paid, currently in the USA 56 cents per mile to drive or...

half price to go out and eat, or to the movies...

... a concert...
to go watch the Lakers play basketball?
This is real and legal...

Well there are more to this but I only wanted to open up the crevices of your vision not scare you.  

You see there is more...

a lot more going on around you, than what you think.

Anyway other folks around the USA,

the Caribbeans...

And many other countries around the world...

are getting paid for telling folks where they bought their FERI designer's bags, purses and accessories...

and getting paid and saving big time on their taxes as described above...

but that is not all... this is a global opportunity and we want people like you with vision ...  

or who is open to some of the money techniques available, that the regular news media is not readily sharing with you.  

I invite you to take a look at our business opportunity.