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Saturday, July 19, 2014

30 Day Challenge

Last Chance

GWT Legendary 30 Day Promo special is coming to an end...
here it is...don't miss out on this.

If you are not familiar with the Launch Pad's monumental Diamond Challenge get the sweet details here...GWT Diamond Challenge..

In a nut shell...join GWT today before Aug 31, 2014 as a Diamond member and get $10,000 Canadian, worth of products of your choice.

Existing members have till July 31, 2014 to take advantage of this.

Lesser membership levels get lower amount of dollar value products.
However, you can stairstep your way up to Diamond by bringing in business partners.

Global Wealth Trade (GWT) short opportunity video tells the whole story.

Example of value... This Ring sells for $9,828. Canadian.

New Members:  Join before GWT before 8-31-2014 and you can get it for $3099. Canadian

Part of FERI MOSH 21K Exclusive Collection

- Expertly crafted in 15 grams FERI MOSH exclusive solid 21K white gold

- Constructed through micro setting with high quality diamonds

- Micro setting done by master setters

- Includes a customized IGI/FERI MOSH Appraisal

- Manufacturing processing time for FERI MOSH 19K and 21K is 4-6 weeks

- FERI MOSH 19K and 21K designs will include a five-year maintenance free warranty

FERI MOSH - Because from across the room no one can see your business card.

Example of Diamond membership.....at $3099. Canadian  you Get....

3 Virtual Designer Malls (VDMs)... Loaded with about $15 million Canadian, worth of GWT's products.

You inventory account get loaded with (IA) $2250.00 Canadian. This is free money you can use for whatever extra products you want.

Retail profit of up to 100%.... you get maximum savings on products purchase 

Business in a Box-Catalogue and @Home Branding Division

POSH For All (PFA) Kit-- Retail Value up to $500.00 Canadian

Business Development Bonus up to 10% on 1st Generation

Business Development Elite up to 5% on 2nd Generation

Optional Contribution to monthly inventory account of $150.00... A Layaway account so to speak

GWT Mastercard Card

Binary Program---Up to $500. Canadian on every cycle

Residual Income potential up to $1,560,000 Canadian on Team Sales

To Join... or For more info:

email: jovialgwt@gmail.com
PH/TXT: 510-239-6735
FB: facebook.com/germey.baird

Monday, June 9, 2014

global wealth trade products

The New FERI Luxury Jewelry and Accessories

If you have been looking for some new jewelry designs that are -well-above the rest look no further than FERI luxury jewelry and accessories.  Watch the video above, then click this link.

They are available from new Canadian Upstart, Global Wealth Trade.

By adopting a millionaire frame of mind Global Wealth Trade (GWT) the Canadian direct marketing designer, fashion house has actually raised the bar and has taken the designer luxury precious jewelry market to the next level.

They developed and now provides, a high-karat gold composition not readily available anywhere else in the world and hence GlobalWealth Trade raised the benchmark in gold composition.

You usually do not find diamonds in anything above 18-karats since that would be considered too soft to effectively protect a diamond.

Ramin, as Mr. Mesgarlou fondly wants to be called, who is GWT's Chief Executive Officer and founder, discovered a way in 2007, with research and development, to make a 21-karat gold composition, that is stronger than 18 and 14K gold composition.

Yes, the amazing thing about this 21 karat gold composition is that even in its higher purity, it is stronger than 18 karat gold. 

As the word is being spread out with an army of luxury consultants who welcomes the millionaire frame of mind, Global Wealth Trade is producing shock-waves in the market.

It has risen quickly, and has quickly ending up being the fastest-growing luxury designer with a staggering typical yearly increase of 297 per cent per year since 2005.

Ethos is a concept and philosophy of creating what has never been

Today, Global Wealth Trade line of product is carried in over 83 countries.  More-over, lots of people in African countries, Malaysia and China are also joining in and investing, in creating a legacy of their own and launching their own GWT Virtual Designer Mall..  

Ramin, would like to grow his company into more than 100 nations around the world, driven by motivated and passionate luxury consultants all accepting the millionaire mindset.

To do this quickly and successfully, he utilizes the industry that made him a millionaire that is the direct sales/network advertising market.

Now Ramin, is a unique guy and is really creating a name with his brand name. He has steady interest and devotion to his goal of being the No. 1 brand in the world. 

And this my friend keeps him, his personnel, and his devoted group of luxury consultants who are very concentrated with a millionaire's frame of mind.

Ramin, has the one-of-a-kind capability of getting his personnel and those who chooses to end up being luxury consultants to buy into his dream and vision and make them a part of their dream.

This capability of getting the personnel and consultants to buy into the vision of the CEO and to build his dream is an excellent indication as to the sort of CEO that Ramin is.

An integral part of Ramin's dream is to have beyond 100,000 luxury consultants all carrying the millionaire frame of mind; to include significant galleries worldwide, in Paris, Rome, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Toronto; among numerous other fashion and luxury centers; and to grow the company into a $1 billion corporation by 2015, the company's 10-year anniversary.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

FERI Designer Bags

Get Your FERI Designer's Bag

FERI designer bags are for the other side of you.  If you are like Most People you buy a designer bags or purse because you like them period...

not because you would get paid to showcase them...because usually you don't.  

But, things are somewhat different with a FERI designer bags.  You also buy it because you like it...some people love FERI bags. 

But then others such as your friends and strangers see you with them  and they like them too...

You get compliments about your bag or purse and later ask where you got it from...?

You smile and ignoring the question just say, questionably isn't it nice? The other person agrees and tell you some more that  he/she really like your bag..You answer by saying isn't it adorable?  

The other person says yes, and ask again where did you get your bag from?  This time you respond with, oh! Yes! I bought it from my self...

The other person looks back at you a little puzzled but respectfully...you bought it from yourself? 

But before I take you to my Virtual Designers Mall (VDM), let me show you how to navigate it here:

Well, yes I bought it, from my own store, within my virtual designers mall.

You look back understandably with a twinkle in your eyes and the process starts.....

What just happened?...It is an occurrence that is happening all over the world, now-a-days, leading to GWT luxury consultants, getting paid.
These are people who decided to take charge of their lives, their finances their happiness.  Where they used to just get a thank you they are now getting paid for the same level of work. 

And that hard work is... just wearing their jewelry to certain ares, certain functions, to places where certain people hang out.

Now would it be nice if you got paid each time you send a friend or stranger to the site where you bought your designer bag?

Would it be nice if you even got paid every time someone whom you don't know, half way around the globe bought a FERI designer bag, purse, piece of jewelry etc from a GWT virtual designer mall site?

I thought you may like to know that there are thousand of people...FERI designer bags and purses lovers...like yourself getting paid...

for wearing their bags, jewelry and accessories...Yes they get paid to wear  and show case the things they love...How about you?

Other folks are getting paid for telling folks where they bought their FERI designer bags, purses and accessories...and getting paid as described above...

but that is not all...take a look at our 30 day challenge..  

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Get Paid to Wear Jewelry

If you are like Most People you buy Jewelry because you like them...not because you would get paid to wear jewelry...

But then your friends and strangers see them on you and they like them too...

You get complimented and are ask where you got your jewelry...

You tell them...they run off to buy their own like your piece...
Question? Did you know you could have gotten paid for that simple gesture? No!  Well listen...

The store owner gets to love you for sending him or her free business....

What do you get?...Of course you were not looking to get paid to wear jewelry...So you got A thanks from your buddy the next time you saw him/her wearing a piece or two like yours...

Now would it be nice if you got paid each time you send a friend or stranger to the site where you bought your jewelry?

Would it be nice if you even got paid every time someone whom you don't know, half way around the globe bought a piece of jewelry from a certain site?

I thought you may like to know that there are thousand of people...jewelry lovers...like yourself getting paid...for wearing jewelry...Yes they get paid to wear jewelry...How?

Just like you did earlier...they get paid for telling folks where they bought their jewelry...and getting paid as described above...but that is not all...

To Learn More, send mail to: jovialpromotion@gmail.com

Subject RE: "Send Info Get Paid to Wear Jewelry"  

RE: "Love The Idea...Get Paid to Wear Jewelry"

Men Sterling Silver AAA white Cubic Zirconia and a large genuine onyx 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

run out of retirement money

Don't Run Out of Money in Retirement

Don't Run Out of Retirement Money 
Personal finance by Dow Jones News Wire

I recently, ran across the above video, “Don’t Run Out of Money in Retirement,” by Veronica Dagher, Columnist the WSJ Wealth Management.

It is an interview between Ms. Dagher, and Christine Fahlund, V.P. T. Rowe Price Investment Services.

In this Don't Run Out of Retirement Money video, Ms. Fahlund, gave some timely tidbits to help prevent you from running out of money in retirement.

Please note the video is for you, no matter what age you are.  When it comes to retirement planning, the earlier you start the more spending power you will have later on in life.

She suggested that you should cover every ace in the hole. Referring to crucial financial vehicles such as:

(1)  Social Security, which you are eligible to receive at age 62 but you must start drawing it by age 70.  Interestingly though, if you are in retirement and start drawing it at age 62, you will only get ½ as much as what you’d get at age 70. 

(2)  Insurance, cover your bases with insurance.  That is, purchase insurance to cover everything that can cause a hardship or create a financial obligations in retirement.  Example, health insurance, long term care insurance, life insurance, etc. 

(3)  Roth IRA, Ms. Fahlund, recommends purchasing Roth IRA but it should be the very last thing you touch in retirement.

Don’t touch it unless you are really in a hardship situation.  One of the great things about Roth IRA, is that you are not required to use it, before a certain age or time frame.

As I listened to Ms. Fahlund, I found myself saying that her suggestions were not fresh but they were basic and solid. If you had the extra money to apply her suggestion then by all means go ahead.

But what if you don’t have the extra money to put aside? As is, each recommendation, requires an expenditure of cash. 

Therefore, each expenditure, you make, lowers your financial flow.  This could lead to you finding yourself in a permanent financial low tide. This can cause stress and lower the quality of your life today, which can evolve into major medical issues while in retirement.

But it doesn't have to be that way for you and your family or love ones.  I say love one because any major medical issues you may go through in retirement, can cause you to run out of money in retirement.

And the backlash may eventually trickle down to your love ones in the form of financial hardship.  The questions now are?

(1)  How can you avoid this?
(2)  How can you protect yourself with a Plan B, or Plan C?
(3)  How can you safe guard your income flow while protecting your love ones from financial stress or even emotional and psychological stress?

One way, may be to think outside the box, become a trail blazer, create your own safe path.  Surprisingly this is easier than you think.  You just need ...to make a small shift in mindset...

A shift to start a home based business, yes a GWT homebased business... surprisingly, it is..

...without the traditional headaches, and overhead and stress of a traditional business.

Click this link... Global Wealth Trade GWT, to see a video narrated by my good friend and global ambassador for GWT Mr. Lior S, & find out more about a home based business that can be a strong workable option for you.  

With GWT you’ll have the cooperation of thousands of luxury consultants, dedicated to helping you... 

who is stuck in a permanent financial low tide to open up the aqueducts to your financial flow...

and set you on an excellent and successful path so that you don't run out of money in retirement.  Click this link for the 411 on GWT.

Most people who have been here also have shown interest in Taking an Early retirement.

Global Wealth Trade
Independent Luxury Consultant
email: jovialgwt2@gmail.com

Phone /Text : 510-239-6735

mother of pearl

The Adore Mother of Pearl Ring
Get a $200.00 Gift Certificate,

The FERI Designer’s Line Adore Mother of Pearl Ring is a gorgeous, unique piece of jewelry.  It is a blend of natural, man-made and organic substance.
Made from:

.925 fine sterling silver and protected with - 0.1 micron natural rhodium making it hyper-allergenic and…Set with:

- AAA white cubic zirconia, a scientifically grown diamond that has more luster and brilliance than most mined natural stones.

To top this off this ring has a huge, natural Motherof Pearl-the common name for iridescent nacre, that is, a blend of minerals that are secreted by oysters and other mollusks.  It is deposited inside their shells, coating and protects them from parasites and foreign objects.

Nacre is the same substance that is deposited around an object that becomes lodged in the mollusk--either naturally or inserted by humans, in order to create or grow a pearl.

In the past some cultures and indigenous people regarded the colorful mother of pearl as a more desirable component for jewelry and other objects.

Today, jewelry made from mother of pearl falls in the group referred to as organic jewelry, that is, jewelry that originates from a living creature, plant or organism.  It is the synergy from these blends that make your FERI designer’s Lines Adore Mother of Pearl Ring so unique.

With a 60 days money back guaranteed, you can Invest With Confidence in FERI Designer Lines from Global Wealth Trade.  Ordering is made from a secured SSL website. So order your Mother of Pearl ring and give yourself some love and appreciation.

Thank you, have a blessed and successful day.
To your lifelong success.

GWT Independent Luxury Consultant
Text: 510-239-6735
Email: jovialgwt2@gmail.com 
P.S. Get your $200.00 GWT Gift Certificate and save BIG.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sweet Love Pendant

FERI Sweet Love Pendant
The Sweet Love Pendant above is an amazing piece of jewelry. It is two .925 sterling silver hearts intertwined and bonded together.  Representing two hearts locked in warm embrace. 

Looking at this pendant reminds of the rhythm and flow of several amazing songs by Artist’s such as:
*** Christina Aguilera: “Bound To You”  
*** Ms. Anita Baker:  “Sweet Love”
*** Chris Brown, “Sweet Love”
*** The Commodores, “Sweet Love”

“Sweet love, sweet love
Trapped in your love...
Free me, free us
You’re all I need when I’m holding you tight
If you walk away I will suffer tonight…”

"I believe, in this love, sweet love
Hear me calling out your name, I feel no shame
I'm in love, sweet love
Don't you ever go away, it'll always be this way...

My arms will hold you baby
Never leave, 'cause"

"Oooh baby let's get naked
Just so we can make sweet love...
So come on baby girl
Let's just take our clothes off
Just so we can make sweet love
Sweet love, sweet love…”

* And then there is the "Sweet Love" by the Commodores;
“Show me a river that's so deep
Show me a mountain so high
I'll show you love that'll last forever
Flyin' high, so high

Ah, show me a place where dreams are for dreamers
And all the things you wish come true, yeah
I'd wish the world had all happy people
Then there'd be no more wishin' to do

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Sweet love
(Sweet love)…”

What you’ll notice is that the hearts have smooth curvature and one is highly polished while the other is encrusted with AAA white cubic zirconia.  

This is a gift you can order with confidence.  You would end up ordering directly from Global Wealth Trade's secured server. You also get a 60 days money back guaranteed return policy.  That gives you enough time to play with and enjoy your jewelry and make up your mind to keep it.

The Sweet Love Pendant is a gorgeous piece of jewelry that would make some one's day on Valentine's Day or even as a birthday Gift.  The perfect necklace for this pendant is separate and can be ordered  here.

Feel free to contact me  directly: Germey Baird: Global Wealth Trade, Independent Luxury Consultant:
by text 510-239-6735
Learn more from inside GWT
Email:  jovialgwt2@gmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/germey.baird